Trucking & carrier services

The lowest rate is rarely the best carrier to partner with

Choosing carriers that will work with you to discover savings without compromising service is one of today’s significant supply chain challenges. ELD compliance, driver shortages and a decade of poor returns for trucking companies, has created the perfect storm for shrinking capacity and higher rates for shipping your LTL and truckload commodities.

At Sentro, we take great pride in the long standing relationships we have developed with North America’s best in class carriers, strong regional players and up and coming transport providers. We also put great value in the relationships our customers have developed with their selected carriers. Due to our specialization in the industry, one of our core strengths is the ability to assess the big picture and make recommendations that optimize the carriers chosen to make your supply chain perform at a higher level.

A checklist we use for our carrier selection process includes:

  • Rate agreement & accessorial review
  • Fuel surcharge review (FCA or blended)
  • Customer service support
  • Dispatch procedures
  • Tracing & updates
  • Pick up & delivery on-time performance
  • Problem resolution process
  • OS&D procedures
  • Claims dispute procedures (timeline to resolve)
  • BOL & POD visibility and availability
  • Billing accuracy
  • Billing disputes resolution
  • Safety & compliance policy
  • Fleet maintenance policy
  • Facility visits
  • Interline agreements