Supply chain management

You’re as good as the weakest link in your supply chain

The key reason we recommend a macro approach to your supply chain management is the potential domino effect that one poor performing area can have on your whole system. Events like recurring fulfillment problems or ongoing invoice errors can lead to customer dissatisfaction and potential termination. Simple steps done incorrectly can erode overall revenues. You want to avoid turning your salesforce into complaint departments at all costs.

We take an exhaustive approach to your current state assessment. The recommendations that come from that, form the foundation of your future blueprint. Sentro addresses every detail, every “what if” scenario we’ve ever experienced to provide you with a dual system for transitioning to the recommended program. Your future blueprint is definitive and at the same time allows for flexibility. If there is no autonomy within your ranks for on the spot decision making, it can be a crippling and counter-productive experience.

Having the right people in the right seat on the bus is a foundational element we endorse

Technology and automation can take over repetitive, non-thinking tasks. The human resources you employ throughout your supply chain need the insight to correct failing processes, on the fly. Last minute re-scheduling, additional staffing requirements, re-allocation of human resources, are all part of your improved supply chain journey.