Supply chain management

Benchmarking current performance metrics is the first critical step with any supply chain enhancement.

Our facility-based survey leaves no document left unturned. We identify processes and activities that exceed, meet or fall short of what we know to be the industry standard.

By observing, receiving and obtaining data from all viable sources we determine how your personnel evaluate, select, plan, organize, direct and manage the daily logistics operations, transportation budget and supporting IT infrastructure. We will:

  • Identify areas of improvement based on our knowledge of current best practices
  • Document direct and indirect costs as well as fixed and variable expenditures
  • Determine the flow of information processing from receipt of initial data, then each subsequent step to completion
  • Interview all internal and external stakeholders to expand our perspective and address the all too common, “We’ve always done it that way” response to our inquiries
  • Apply Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to areas not currently measured