Third party logistics - 3PL

Third party logistics is a passion at Sentro

Our customers look to Sentro for a host of third party logistics services. To simplify our solutions they can be divided into 3 categories; highway logistics, intermodal transport and warehousing / distribution services.

We coordinate these activities through our locations in Toronto, Ontario, Buffalo, New York and Los Angeles, California. Similar to our other services, we strive to bring added value to every shipment, moving well past the transactional nature of these type of activities. Here is a brief recap of these services:

Highway Logistics

Our specialty is your dry goods shipping of both LTL and truckload requirements. We are equally skilled at transporting your goods to their final destination or to your regional distribution centres throughout Canada and the USA. Full shipment visibility, signed PODs and a host of other web based track and trace features are available to you as a Sentro customer.

Our scope of highway transport services have evolved in direct response to our customers’ needs. Each of our 3PL services can be procured on a stand-alone basis or as integral part of our total service package. Our highway services include:

  • Intra-state LTL and truckload service within the USA
  • Northbound LTL and truckload transport from the USA to Canada
  • Cross border service from points across Canada to the continental USA
  • Single and team driver, expedited service throughout Canada and the USA
  • Service to retail outlets throughout Canada and the USA featuring appointment deliveries
  • Assistance with all related Customs, Border security and NAFTA documentation requirements

Intermodal Transport

Canada is unique in its demographics with a slightly larger land mass than the USA but only one tenth the population. For that reason, regional distribution centres in Calgary (for Western Canada), Toronto (for Central Canada) and Moncton (for Eastern Canada) are popular choices. The country is connected with two national railways, both offering intermodal transport of your freight of all kinds. With a well-planned distribution of goods the added transit time can be allowed for so that you can net up to 30% savings over highway services. It is our go-to transport service for your Canadian distribution requirements and we have a rich partnership history with the key providers.

For those goods that require protection from freezing in Canada’s cold winter months, heated service is readily available. We also have access to hundreds of best in class carriers when time frames demand highway transport. Intermodal transport is a high value option for transporting your goods between the centres stretching across the vast land mass from the Pacific West Coast to the Atlantic Provinces in Canada.

Warehousing and Distribution

When you require distribution centres in key locations in the USA or Canada, we can assist with recommendations on possible locations, size and facility requirements. Depending on the amount of space, manpower and duration of the space requirement, Sentro offers both shared and stand-alone DC options.

Why invest in your own bricks and mortar in a location you have no other vested interests in? Let Sentro do the heavy lifting, look after all the set-ups and custom requirements and allow you to reap the benefit of a shared or stand-alone turnkey operation…flying your brand colours and executing the final mile of your supply chain.