Industries served

We go well beyond understanding your supply chain, we live it, breathe it and nurture it.

We work closely with vendors supplying the big box retailers. More specifically, big box retailers in two distinct markets - consumer electronics and home building / renovations. Our track record of success goes back over a decade and applies to both our Canadian and USA distribution networks.

Our experience in these markets gives us added insight into thoroughly assessing your supply chain’s present state including:

  • Observing, receiving and obtaining data from all viable sources
  • Identifying areas of improvement based on our knowledge of current best practices
  • Documenting direct and indirect costs as well as fixed and variable expenditures
  • Determining the flow of information processing from receipt of initial data, then each subsequent step to completion
  • Interviewing all internal and external stakeholders to expand our perspective and address the all too common, “We’ve always done it that way” response to our inquiries
  • Applying Key Performance Indicators to areas not currently measured

We execute every detail precisely and to exacting time frames

Meeting the needs of the big box retailers is demanding. They have thousands of SKUs to manage, restrictive packaging and labelling requirements, precise delivery windows and significant penalties for non-compliance. At Sentro, we help streamline your processes to meet their requirements.

Our cumulative expertise in working with these big box giants is immediately transferrable to your supply chain dynamics.