Supply chain management

Increase productivity and better manage expectations all around

At Sentro, there is no better way to streamline your company and pave the road to success than having a comprehensive SOP manual available for all team members. Keep in mind that it is not a static document and it will change as external variables affect your supply chain and as resourceful members of your team discover ways to improve it. New technology, as an example, can certainly be a game changer in the way you perform tasks in the future.

Our exhaustive assessment, followed by our future blueprint lays the foundation for the creation of your personalized SOP manuals. Highlights of the manual include:

  • Explanation of each task and who is responsible
  • An organizational chart is created with contact details so there is no question of responsibility for each area
  • A job description of every position stipulating the related tasks and duties

The benefits of maintaining current and comprehensive SOP manuals include:

  • Faster learning curves for new employees
  • More effective replacement of employees away for extended periods of time
  • A more consistent customer experience