Industry Expertise

Comprehensive understanding
of transportation
from the inside out

Powerhouse Technology

Technology designed to fit
your requirements
the first mile to the final mile

Controlled Execution

Delivering increased
efficiency and
bottom line performance

Supply chain management


We take an exhaustive approach to your current state assessment. The recommendations that come from that, form the foundation of your future blueprint. Sentro addresses every detail, every “what if” scenario we’ve ever experienced to provide you with a dual system for transitioning to the recommended program.

Supply chain management


Similar to our detailed analysis of your current supply chain state, we developed our supporting technology to integrate with each department and every facet of your supply chain. We recognized most systems in the industry could not talk to each other, so we made the decision to develop exactly what was needed ourselves.

Supply chain management


We work closely with our clients to determine the KPIs that capture the vital components of each supply chain we manage. If we don’t have the necessary data required starting off, we find efficient ways to capture it. We have regular scheduled meetings with our clients to review progress in exacting detail.

Sentro team members integrate with
your people at your facilities for
seamless communication
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Our Sentro logistics arm provides added capacity for your domestic
and cross border LTL requirements along with a complete range of
North American warehousing and distribution services
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